• R. Douglas Shute

    Chief Executive Officer and President

    Doug has more than 40 years of senior management experience including over 30 years as CEO of high technology companies. Prior to starting StreamFoundry, Doug was the CEO of Delphi Communication Systems, a provider of embedded software and hardware for cell phones and wireless systems. Before Delphi, Doug spent eight years as President & CEO of Steinbrecher Corporation (Tellabs Wireless, Inc. after its acquisition by Tellabs, Inc.). There, Doug built the startup into a cellular communication equipment company, which designed and built base stations and provided network software for the cell phone industry.

    Prior to Steinbrecher, Doug was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Miltope Corporation, a diversified New York-based communications and computer peripherals manufacturer, which built and sold Tape and Disk drives interfaced to IBM mainframes as well as other computer systems. Doug received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

  • Wally Brunk

    Vice President, Operations

    Wally has managed Customer Service Engagements for SFI for over 15 years. He brings over 35 years of experience in the IT Service and Systems Management space working for Fortune 500 companies including IBM, American Express, Avnet, Nissan, Citi, Scotia Bank, and AT&T. Wally has specialties in the design, customization and implementation of process management applications on IBM Mainframe systems. He has a proven track record in managing mainframe software migration and upgrade projects.

    Wally has created several highly successful global Problem, Change and Asset Management solutions, for many customers, by merging multiple user and group processes across the enterprise. He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Information Management for z/OS Users Group and the Phoenix Information Management for z/OS Users Group.

  • Consultants and Project Managers


    We have consultants with skills in many different product areas. For example, consultants who are focused on workload scheduling, typically have skills in multiple mainframe products like CA 7 from Broadcom and IBM IWS. Our skill areas are broad including a focus on many disciplines like application development, audit management, change and configuration management, database management, event management and automation, monitoring and management, print management, project management, resource sharing, security management, session management, system programming, tape management, output management, and workload scheduling.

    Our project managers have skills in defining projects, planning and managing the complex interdependencies of multiple simultaneous sub projects involved with system-software migrations.