Our Value Proposition

  • Maximize Investment

    We help maximize a Client’s investment in mainframe software by replacing high-cost software with equivalent capabilities at a significantly lower cost.

  • Reduce Costs

    We help reduce the costs of mainframe system software and software support personnel costs.

  • Improve Availability

    We help improve availability of systems and applications through effective software support by StreamFoundry consultants.

  • Increase Productivity

    We help increase the productivity of Client personnel by assigning software support tasks to StreamFoundry consultants. This releases Client personnel to perform more strategic business activities.

  • Utilize Our Experience

    We help support system software that may be less familiar to Client staff due to skill shortages.

What We Do for Clients

We use our knowledge and best-practice expertise to ensure clients make the most of their IBM mainframe investment. We work with industry-leading companies like these:

Partners We Work With