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In the Systems space, SFI can analyze the environment horizontally across business silos with a special focus on:
Capacity Planning – If the enterprise has a tendency to throw more DASD at problems and events, if they are not making the most of their current resources, and have little understanding of the impact of adding new services, SFI can add value. SFI can interview key personnel, analyze systems and processes and provide a gap analysis based on the current status and future direction. SFI evaluates processor models, locations, and LPARS in understanding capacity utilization trends, peak periods, storage utilization, paging rates and system storage allocations among other things. The end-result might involve a process recommendation, a tool selection or even a CPU upgrade. If you are interested in a capacity optimization project, click here.
Workload Management – Effective Workload Management can make a difference when it comes to adding more capacity or not. SFI’s Workload Management assessment will evaluate resource intensive workloads and assess whether they are running to their potential, examine prioritization of all workloads and determine if some workloads are inhibiting others due to resource contention. The technical consultant will also evaluate batch jobs to determine if they are effectively categorized and if all batch windows are met. As a part of the evaluation, SFI will drill down into system configuration, services definitions, classification rules, periods, durations and goals. The take-away will be a streamlined systems environment that enables a Services-Oriented Architecture and an on-Demand business model. Learn how to prioritize workloads here.
Storage Management – Storage management is critical to the business in minimizing service disruptions, DASD usage and cost and improving availability and data integrity. Are your DASD volumes and data sets appropriately backed up, are data recovery procedures in place, is DASD properly allocated across systems? Is Sysplex data sharing (IMS, DB2, RACF, etc) active? SFI will address critical system and subsystem volumes for appropriate segregation. The technical consultant will also review the current SMS environment here.
System & Subsystem Software Maintenance – This offering is about service methodologies and best practices. Are current software release levels in place? What is the right version/release level for you? What are your timelines to upgrade? How long are versions and releases maintained? What are your policies around preventative and corrective maintenance, and operating and subsystem maintenance? SFI will consider the above factors and recommend approaches to minimize service disruptions and unnecessary people costs and improve quality of service. For some help organizing your software release strategy, please click here.
Subsystem Support – It’s one thing to maintain systems yet it’s another to ensure that they are running optimally. SFI will assess your IMS, DB2 and/or CICS environment in an effort to improve response time, utilization and availability. The technical consultant will look at subsystem definitions (parms), started task WLM classifications, master/dependent regions, data sharing policies, back-up and transaction classing. The technical consultant can act as a full-time administrator and/or provide recommendations as to how the administrator can better run the systems. This offering can focus on select sub-systems with the ability to drill down into any particular one. Is DB2 causing you heart-burn? SFI can focus. To tune your subsystems, click here.
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